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    These are the benefits of leasing a bike

    Bike leasing is gaining popularity as a sustainable commuting alternative. It offers numerous benefits to both employees and employers. In this article, we list the benefits of bike leasing, both for employees and employers. Find out how bicycle leasing is not only tax-friendly, but also contributes to a healthier and more sustainable working environment.

    Benefits for employees

    The disadvantages of bike leasing do not outweigh the many benefits it has for you as an employee. Below, we list the main benefits of bike leasing for employees:

    Sustainable and environmentally friendly

    A leased bike promotes sustainability on several fronts. First, it encourages healthy lifestyles among employees. Cycling to work regularly improves their basic fitness. Second, ditching the car reduces CO 2 emissions and bicycle leasing helps reduce the carbon footprint. So by opting for bicycle leasing, employees will positively impact the climate and the environment.


    Bicycle leasing is tax-friendly for employees with a gross salary exchange or end-of-year bonus optimisation. Also, bike leasing is exempt from fringe benefit taxation (VAA). When an employee uses a leased bicycle for commuting, it is not considered an additional fringe benefit, resulting in lower taxes. Compared to company cars, which are increasingly taxed, the leased bike offers significant tax benefits.

    Affordable dream bike

    With bike leasing, employees can purchase their dream bike at an affordable price. They can save up to 50% compared to buying and spread the cost over four years. After the lease term, they can take over the bike at 16% of the recommended retail price. If they do not wish to do that, they just return the bike to Cyclobility. In either case, you can then lease a new bike if you wish.

    Leasing a bike as a private individual is unfortunately not possible. This is why Cyclobility has created an interest-free bike loan . Simulate your bike loan below:

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    Service & repairs

    With a bike lease, you no longer have any worries about servicing and repairs - they are included in the lease price. Our technicians regularly visit your workplace for periodic service and repairs. Every cyclist is entitled to at least one service a year, ensuring an optimal and carefree cycling experience.

    Bicycle insurance and breakdown service

    All leased bikes are covered by comprehensive theft and damage insurance. In case of problems, Cyclobility acts as a point of contact and we aim to offer a solution within 24 hours. A 24-hour breakdown service is available in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. So employees can ride their bike with complete peace of mind, knowing they are covered.

    Benefits for employers

    Are you still considering whether to optimise your employees' pay package using bike leasing? Besides the benefits to the employee, bike leasing also offers numerous benefits for the employer. We list the main ones here:


    Bicycle leasing is budget-neutral for employers through a (gross) salary exchange. The lease cost is deducted from the employee's gross salary or year-end bonus, making it very financially interesting for the employee.

    Also, associated costs that further encourage the use of bicycles, like the installation of bicycle parking facilities, changing rooms and the bicycle allowance, are 100% tax deductible.

    Salary package optimisation

    Bicycle leasing can be an additional HR policy asset to attract new employees. It also contributes to a good corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

    Combined with bicycle leasing, it may be interesting to provide employees with a bicycle allowance so that their daily commute can earn them money. Which then is an extra incentive for them to cycle a lot!


    When a company decides on a bike leasing plan, we create a tailor-made webshop. We offer a wide range of more than 100 different models, but we can of course tailor our offer to the specific needs of each company. For instance, we have several speed pedelecs , electric bikes , road bikes , gravel bikes , mountain bikes and folding bikes in our range.

    Employees can easily order the bike they want from the webshop. And they can add accessories, such as panniers, bicycle helmets, locks, and so on. Employees immediately see what the monthly cost will be for their entire order. So there is no time-consuming back-and-forth for quotes. Once the HR manager has approved the order in the same webshop, it is final.

    This webshop minimises administrative tasks and ensures an efficient process.

    Fewer parking problems

    Is your business growing? Then you will soon be faced with parking problems. However, the more employees cycle to work, the fewer parking problems you will have. Bike leasing encourages active mobility and reduces pressure on parking facilities.

    Less absenteeism

    Regular cycling to work improves employees' physical and mental health. This results in less absenteeism and a healthier workforce. By the way, did you know that a recent EU study has shown that electric cycling is just as healthy as unassisted cycling? Read the full study here .

    Bike leasing is a win-win for everyone

    Bicycle leasing is a win-win solution for both employees and employers. It offers numerous benefits, including tax advantages, sustainability, cost savings and a healthier working environment. Consider the benefits of bike leasing and make the switch to a more sustainable and healthier commute.

    Andries Aumann
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