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Cyclobility's mission

Cyclobility offers an efficient commuting solution through the leasing and selling of quality (electric) bikes. We guide and motivate, and give complete peace of mind to employers, employees and private individuals. In short, anyone who wants to use a bicycle as a daily means of transport.

The quality of our products and related services is Cyclobility's number one priority. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

We can say with complete confidence that all our partners are environmentally, economically and socially responsible.

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Team Cyclobility

Cyclobility was founded in August 2016 by Andries Aumann.

Andries Aumann is a committed entrepreneur with a passion for cycling. He has ten years’ experience working in the outdoor industry (working for companies such as AS Adventure and Columbia Sportswear) and was sales manager at Bubble Post – a sustainable, ecological and economical alternative within the distribution sector. It is no coincidence that Cyclobility was founded with these same values in mind. Andries loves putting his inexhaustible energy into socially relevant projects.

Andries Profiel

Pieter is an established technical value within Cyclobility. A few years ago Pieter set up his own firm called 'BikeKing' where he filled in the need of a Mobile Service for cyclists with 2 fully equipped Mobile Service busses who would come at your doorstep to repair or service your bike. Nowadays Bikeking has merged together with Cyclobility to offer this service for bike-leasing customers, who often chose more heavier (electric/cargo) bikes. Together with Xan and Jasper he makes sure your bike is properly maintained en serviced.

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Gilles already has a few years of experience in the cycling industry. For example as the production planner for the Belgian cycling band Thompson. In his free time he loves to play some soccer and ride his bike. His professional goal is to get as many as people as possible on the bike as a smart work-home connection.

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Chariel is a real driven athlete. As a triathlete and granfondo specialist it speaks for itself that the bicycle plays an important role in her life. To the grocery store, visiting family, going to work, ... all preferably by bike! She really wants to share here passion and convincing as many people as possible to use a bicycle as perfect alternative for daily transportation.

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Ward always was a driven athlete. As a runner and cyclist his mail interest lies in endurance sports. Only a few days go by where he is not on his bike. Mid August 2020, he joined the sporty Cyclobility-team. Together with Cyclobility het want to get as many people as possible ont the bike. Whether it is for commuting, racing, or free time during the weekends.

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Kenneth is a true sports fanatic with a technical preference for bikes and parts. With a professional history as fleet advisor within a car dealership, het is he is perfectly aware of taxation and optimization of your mobility plan within your company.

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Andy. Eating to be able to ride or ride to be able to eat is on of his biggest issues. if it is to ride his own 'Bordeaux-Paris' or using a cargo-bike to go to the grocery store, As long as it is by bike Andy is a happy man. His healthy curiosity has lead him to the world of 'bike-leasing' and Cyclobility.

Andy Deloose

Jasper is a real man of nature. What he likes the most is taking his bike and ride a far and as long possible. His passion for bike mechanics and his urge to constantly learn have resulted in a real bicycle encyclopedia. Therefore he is THE man to spoil your bike.

Jasper Veeckman

Steven Verschuere is a passionate sportsman. He is obsessed with sports such as running and cycling. After several years of experience working for companies like Balta and Decathlon, he joined Cyclobility 2018. The mission of the company – to encourage people to use bicycles for daily commuting – truly speaks to him. Steven believes that the bicycle is the perfect alternative to the car. At Cyclobility he is responsible for operational management, from ordering the bikes from suppliers to arranging deliveries to people's homes.

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besloot om na 12 jaar te hebben gewerkt als opvoedster een volledige carrière switch te maken. Het is dan ook geen verrassing dat de fiets, haar grootste passie, haar op weg zette naar een nieuw hoofdstuk.Geen ervaring in het bedrijfsleven, maar haar enthousiasme compenseert dit. Om die reden zal Stephanie ook vooral ingezet worden tijdens test events om mensen warm te maken de fiets te kiezen. Zij geeft zelf het voorbeeld door heel wat kilometers te malen. De ideale dag voor haar? Dat is er eentje doorgebracht op de fiets.

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heeft een grote passie voor fietstechnieken. Hij rijdt het hele land door met de mobiele servicebus om het onderhoud van jouw fiets aan huis te verzorgen.

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