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Cyclobility's mission

Cyclobility offers an efficient commuting solution through the leasing and selling of quality (electric) bikes. We guide and motivate, and give complete peace of mind to employers, employees and private individuals. In short, anyone who wants to use a bicycle as a daily means of transport.

The quality of our products and related services is Cyclobility's number one priority. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

We can say with complete confidence that all our partners are environmentally, economically and socially responsible.

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Team Cyclobility

Cyclobility was founded in August 2016 by Andries Aumann.

Andries Aumann is a committed entrepreneur with a passion for cycling. He has ten years’ experience working in the outdoor industry (working for companies such as AS Adventure and Columbia Sportswear) and was sales manager at Bubble Post – a sustainable, ecological and economical alternative within the distribution sector. It is no coincidence that Cyclobility was founded with these same values in mind. Andries loves putting his inexhaustible energy into socially relevant projects.

Andries Profiel

Steven Verschuere is a passionate sportsman. He is obsessed with sports such as running and cycling. After several years of experience working for companies like Balta and Decathlon, he joined Cyclobility 2018. The mission of the company – to encourage people to use bicycles for daily commuting – truly speaks to him. Steven believes that the bicycle is the perfect alternative to the car. At Cyclobility he is responsible for operational management, from ordering the bikes from suppliers to arranging deliveries to people's homes.

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Onze partner voor alle onderhoud en herstelling ter plaatse. Terwijl u en u medewerkers aan het werk zijn zorgt Pieter en zijn team voor het onderhoud . Bikeking - Mobile Bike shop -
We bring the bike shop to you! -
We fix it, You ride it!

Pieter Rutten

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Bicycle leasing may initially seem pretty complicated, which is why Cyclobility is happy to pay your site a visit and explain everything.
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