Why would you buy a Stromer bike?

A Stromer bike is not a standard e-bike but a speed pedelec. Every Stromer is equipped with a very powerful rear-wheel motor, making it easy to reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. Depending on the model chosen, the Stromer has a power output of between 670 and 850 watts. This makes the Stromer your ideal companion for both flat and hilly roads.

Stromer ST models have a very sleek and sporty look that makes them a treat for the eyes. Stromer frames are made of robust and very high quality material, making Stromer the Rolls-Royce of e-bikes and speed pedelecs.

Test before you buy a Stromer bike

Of course, you don't buy a new e-bike or speed pedelec every day. With so many different brands and models on offer, you may not see the wood for the trees. To make sure you make the right choice, Cyclobility has a wide range of test models available for every type of bicycle, including some Stromer ST models.

You can test our Stromer speed pedelecs at three unique locations. Enjoy a ride from our cycling shop in Kluisbergen up Old Kwaremont, the Koppenberg, on the towpath along the Scheldt or along the disused railway line. The Flemish Ardennes is the perfect region to test the power of the Stromer rear-wheel motors.

Or would you rather cycle around town? Then visit our shop in Ghent or Roeselare to test the agility of our bikes around town.

In addition to free test rides, you can also get tailored advice in our shops. Our highly motivated staff will make sure you make the right choice!

Discover the Stromer ST models

Stromer speed pedelecs are hand-built in Switzerland, using only the very best components. They are made for top performance with the cleanest possible look.

Which Stromer ST model is right for you? Come and discover them in our shops.

  • Stromer ST1: This model is a high-quality speed pedelec at a competitive price. The ST1's rear-wheel motor has a power output of 670 W, so you can reach its top speed of 45 km/h with ease. Ideal for your daily commute. The ST1 comes in two variants: Comfort and Sport (the slightly sportier version).
  • Stromer ST2: This speed pedelec is fully connected and has a rear-wheel motor with a capacity of 750 W, so it is a lot more powerful and efficient than the ST1. The belt drive of the ST2 is maintenance-free and wear-resistant (up to three times longer than a conventional chain). As with the first model, you can choose between the Sport and Comfort versions.
  • Stromer ST3: This e-bike has a 820 W rear wheel motor. It is a dynamic S-pedelec with an adjustable seating position and smart extras for stylish mobility. The ST3 model also comes in Sport and Comfort versions.
  • Stromer ST5: This is Stromer’s top model. The SYNO motor has an output of 850 W and allows you to reach 45 km/h with ease. This makes the ST5 one of the most powerful speed pedelecs on the market. This S-pedelec with exclusive components (such as a Shimano XTR electronic gear system), fully integrated design and sport mode is perfect for commuters looking for maximum performance.

Good to know: the batteries on the Stromer ST models are interchangeable, so upgrading to a different battery is a doddle. You can opt for a 500 Wh, 618 Wh, 814 Wh or 983 Wh battery.

Buying a Stromer stock bike

We sell different bikes from stock in our webshop. Because these are stock bikes, we can deliver them very quickly after ordering (free home delivery).

Our stock bikes are often demo models or used bikes. Because of this, we can often offer them at a competitive price, so you are in for a bargain! Our technicians always make sure that you can buy these bikes in ‘as new’ condition, of course.

Not found what you are looking for? Then contact us and we will help you find the perfect bike.

Leasing a Stromer bike

Would you rather lease an electric bike? Cyclobility can also help you with that. We offer an efficient commuting solution by leasing high-quality (electric) bikes, including Stromers. With our bicycle lease plan, we strive to provide a full-service solution to both employer and employee. Bicycle leasing includes bike rental, maintenance, insurance against theft and damage, bike assistance and a replacement service.