Lease a bike through an employer

Offering bicycle leasing as an employer

Are you an employer who wants to give employees the opportunity to lease a bike through your company? Marvellous! With Cyclobility as a partner, bicycle leasing is easy. Quality and fast service are a guaranteed part of the package.

While you focus on your core business, we provide the best possible support for the rollout of a complete bicycle-leasing scheme. Cyclobility organises test events, delivers bikes to customer homes and also manages annual maintenance. Your employees can always contact us directly with any questions and problems.

  • A budget neutral formula
  • HR support
  • Test first, then lease

A budget neutral formula

Of course, bicycle leasing has an impact on the wages of your employees. Want to explore the fiscal side of this financially attractive story? We will be happy to explain how you can implement a budget-neutral bike leasing scheme. We provide targeted advice – on site.

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How it works

Cyclobility is leasing partner and bike shop under one roof. A unique asset that we’ll use to your advantage, not ours. Our entire team consists of experienced and enthusiastic staff. Questions automatically end up with the right person. Fast and easy, with always the best service to boot!

Cyclobility will implement its bike leasing scheme at your company in a number of steps: First we present the project to your employees in a short presentation. Then a test event is organised on your premises, which gives your employees the opportunity to test various bicycles in our range. This event can be held annually if necessary. If an employee decides that they wish to order a bicycle, they can do this simply and easily through a unique web shop that has been tailored to your business.

Cyclobility will place the order and have the bicycle delivered to the employee’s home free of charge. And remember that we continue to spoil our customers rotten! Annual maintenance, insurance against theft and damage, breakdown assistance and a replacement service are all included. Luxury!

Bike leasing without worries

HR support

When you run a company, you should be able to focus on your own responsibilities. Cyclobility takes care of everything and provides your HR department with maximum support. For instance, we will visit you to introduce the project to your employees.

We also provide a bicycle policy, which makes sure everything runs smoothly. Good, solid agreements are imperative when leasing any type of vehicle.

And placing orders and following them up is also easy when we are your partner. Everything goes through a personal web shop tailored to your business. Employees can contact Cyclobility directly with any questions relating to orders and maintenance or repairs.

What can we do for you?

Test first, then lease

Your employees should be able to make exactly the right choice. That is why we organise one or more on-site events every year. We offer about 20 different bikes, ranging from electric cargo bikes to speed pedelecs to very comfortable electric bikes with a low step. Employees get plenty of time to test our range extensively. So everyone is bound to find his or her ideal bike!

Employee missed the event? All bikes can always be tested by appointment at our test centre in Kluisbergen, Ghent, Aalst, Sint-Niklaas, Lier or Roeselare.

Who test, finds!

Bicycle leasing with repair & maintenance

Cyclobility organises a number of maintenance sessions on the premises ever year. We do this in consultation with your employees: what time is best from them? This way, every employee can get the most fun and use out of his or her bike.

The maintenance and repair of the bicycles comprises the following:

  • General check of the mountings and tightenings
  • Chain, gear and crankshaft check, replacement if necessary
  • Brake (brake cables/pads) check, replacement if necessary
  • Spoke and tyre pressure check
  • Replacement of tyres if needed
  • Lighting/reflector check
  • Diagnosis and update of Bosch eBike System

For all maintenance and repairs we work together with companies such as BikeKing, which provides customised mobile bicycle repair services.

Bicycle leasing with bike insurance and roadside assistance

Bicycle stolen or damaged? Every bicycle has comprehensive insurance against damage and theft. Employees with problems can contact Cyclobility directly. We will find a solution within 24 hours, quickly assuring every party.

Experiencing technical issues? A 24 hour breakdown service is available in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Thanks to Cyclobility, employees can request specialised assistance up to 15 km from the Belgian border.

We are happy to help!

Happy customers

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Apply for bicycle leasing

Are you an employer or employee who is interested in bike leasing? Then contact us and we’ll be happy to pay you a visit. Cyclobility will explain all the aspects of bicycle leasing to you, and guarantee that it will organise the right bicycle leasing policy.

Cyclobility is the perfect bicycle leasing partner! Hassle-free bicycle leasing is what our business is all about.