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Bike loan from Cyclobility

Are you planning to buy an electric bicycle, speed pedelec or road bike at Cyclobility but you would like to spread the purchase cost over several years? You now can, with an interest-free bike loan*. At Cyclobility we take on the cost of the interest so that you can buy a bicycle and pay it off at your own pace. As a result, we have the cheapest bicycle loan.

*Attention, borrowing money also costs money.
**Cyclobility bears the costs of the interests.

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  • Bike loan at 0.00% interest
  • The cheapest bike loan in Belgium
  • Choose from many top brands

Representative example of a bicycle loan

Suppose you want to take out a bicycle loan for 3,850 euros. Cyclobility pays the interest on the loan, so you have a bicycle loan at 0.0%. If you are going to pay off the bike over 36 months, this amounts to a monthly repayment of 106.94 euros. At the end, your new bike has cost you exactly 3850 euros.

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Your monthly payment

  • Monthly payment €${ result.monthly.toFixed(2) }
  • Interest rate ${ result.interest }%
  • Duration ${ settings.months } months
  • Credit amount €${ }
  • Total Repayment €${ }

Savings thanks to Cyclobility intervention €${ result.totalSave.toFixed(2) } *
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Schedule appointment in shop (*) savings calculated based on current interest rate of 4.19%. It is only possible to take out a loan if the bicycle is purchased in a Cyclobility store and it cannot be combined with other promotions..

Recoup your investment

If your employer pays a bicycle allowance, you may be able to recoup part, or in some cases all, of the investment in your new bicycle! The new maximum bicycle allowance is 0.25 euros per kilometre travelled since 1 January 2022.

Suppose you commute to work by bike 10 days a month over a distance of 15 km one way (so 30 km in total per day), then you will cover 300 bike kilometres in a month. In that case, you are entitled to a bicycle allowance of up to 75 euros per month tax-free. On an annual basis, this amounts to a bicycle allowance of 900 euros per year.

Buying a bike can be very interesting.

How does a bike loan work?

Are you now convinced you want to take out a loan? That’s fantastic! Before you can enjoy your new bike, you have to go through the following steps.

  1. Come and visit us in the shop
  2. Choose your dream bike
  3. Make your loan application with us or in the comfort of your own home
  4. Confirm the offer once your loan is approved
  5. Enjoy your new bike

You can easily apply for the loan in one of our bicycle shops or online. If you prefer to apply online, we can provide you with a link to do so.

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For which bicycles can I take out a bicycle loan?

You can take out a bicycle loan for different types of bikes (electric bike, speed pedelec, road bike, mountain bike, cargo bike, etc.) and different premium brands (Stromer, Riese & Müller, BMC, Moustache, Scott, etc.).

Because a new bicycle is a big chunk of your budget, we at Cyclobility think it's important to help you as best we can in the purchase of your new bicycle. To make sure you make the right choice, Cyclobility has a wide range of test models available for every type of bicycle, that you can test in one of our test centres, in Ghent, Aalst, Kluisbergen, Sint-Niklaas or Roeselare.

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Frequently asked questions about a bike loan

  • You can buy a bicycle on credit in our bicycle shop in Ghent, Roeselare, Aalst, Sint-Niklaas or Kluisbergen. Online is unfortunately not possible. However, it is possible to complete your loan application online.

  • A bicycle lease can only be arranged through your employer. As a private individual, leasing a bicycle is not possible. You can take out a bicycle loan as a private individual, however. Also, with a bicycle lease you are not the owner of the bicycle, but the renter. The average lease term is 48 months. At the end of this term, the bicycle is still the property of the leasing company. At that time you can choose to take over the bicycle by paying the residual value. After paying the last instalment of a bicycle loan, the bicycle is your property.

  • If you want to apply for a bicycle loan, you should have the order form, your ID card, bank card with card reader and account number, and proof of your income and expenses ready.

  • Yes, it is possible to buy a used bicycle on credit.

  • Overzicht maximale looptijd van fietsleningen:

    • 1000-2500 euro: maximaal 24 maanden
    • 2600-3700 euro: maximaal 30 maanden
    • 3800-5600 euro: maximaal 36 maanden
    • 5700-7500 euro: maximaal 42 maanden
    • 7600-10000 euro: maximaal 48 maanden
    • Meer dan 10000 euro: maximaal 60 maanden
  • Ja, het is mogelijk om een lening voor een speed pedelec af te sluiten. Doordat wij de rente van de lening op ons nemen, kunnen wij de goedkoopste speed pedelec lening aanbieden.

    Simuleer je speed pedelec lening via ons calculator.