Leasing a bike

Bike leasing, how does it work?

Leasing a bicycle with Cyclobility is easy as pie: our team offers employers and employees a complete package. Bicycle leasing is a major step forward for your company.

Decided to team up with Cyclobility? Then we will organise a presentation to employees who are interested in bicycle leasing as soon as we can. After two weeks, during which the employee can think about whether he/she wants to join our leasing programme, we will organise an on-site test event. Everyone will have the opportunity to test – and most likely approve – all bikes.

For each company, we will create a unique web shop where employees can check the rates for leasing a bicycle. It is a custom website that enables the employer to monitor and follow up everything quickly and efficiently.

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How much does it cost to lease a bike?

Bike leasing includes bike rental and everything that is part of your cycling experience: maintenance, insurance against theft and damage, bike assistance and a replacement service. Cyclobility offers a bicycle leasing package tailored to your company.

When leasing a bicycle in Belgium, the employer and employee will generally agree that a bicycle will be made available in exchange for a salary deduction. And that is a wonderful thing, because the contribution is deducted from the gross monthly pay, and therefore exempt from income tax and National Insurance, which means the employee only pays half of the actual cost.

And if the employer pays a bicycle allowance, it is actually possible to reduce the cost for the employee to zero Euro altogether. In some cases it is even possible to make a profit!

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Leasing a bicycle through an employer

Cyclobility is the ideal partner for companies wishing to offer employees a bicycle leasing scheme.

All bicycle leasing contracts are organised through Cyclobility, with zero hassle for the employer. We provide the necessary documents and help the manager with the preparation of a cycling policy. This policy is a concrete agreement between the employer and the employees who are leasing a bicycle.

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Which bicycle can you lease?

Cyclobility has a wide range of bikes. Why not come and test our bikes and speed pedelecs, without obligation!

You can choose from various renowned brands:
Want to lease a cargo bike? Then have a look at Riese & Müller and Yuba. More of a sports person? Then a road bike by Stevens, Scott or Thompson might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Because we want you to be able to enjoy your daily commute without frustration, we have chosen the Bosch middle motorfor our electric bicycles.

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Apply for bicycle leasing

Are you an employer or employee who is interested in bike leasing? Then contact us and we’ll be happy to pay you a visit. Cyclobility will explain all the aspects of bicycle leasing to you, and guarantee that it will organise the right bicycle leasing policy.

Cyclobility is the perfect bicycle leasing partner! Hassle-free bicycle leasing is what our business is all about.

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