Cycle with Cyclobility

Within Cyclobility it is our intention to get as many as people as possible on the bike. And let people experience the bike as a perfect alternative for the car. If it is for your daily commuting rides, weekend escapes, bike journeys or sportive rides with your cycling buddies.

We assist, unburden and motivate employer, employee and general customers. We do everything to create an ideal, daily cycling experience. Whether you want to lease or buy a bike, even when your bike needs service. We got you covered!

The benefits of Cyclobility

Cyclobility is your partner à la carte: We combine bicycle lease with our own mobile service, cycle-stores and testcenters in Kluisbergen and Ghent. So we're able to guarantee quality and offer our clients a fast and uniform service. We are specialized in bicycle lease for companies. Info-moments, test events, service, etc. Everything happens at your company's site. We assure a minimum extra workload and assist all involved parties for an easy implementation of bicycle leasing.

Private customers can benefit as well of our services. Testing a bike, home delivery, adjustment or bike maintenance can be done at your doorstep. Cyclobility makes it possible!

Single point of contact

Our clients all have access to a single point of contact. Our personal approach results in a comfortable and efficient service.

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Top brands for commuting

We have put together a high-quality range of brands while paying particular attention to the requirements related to the daily commute. Each and every one of these brands has been deliberately chosen for their ecological and sustainable values.

Delivery and on-site services

Our bikes are delivered to your home. Maintenance and repairs are carried out at home or at work.

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Testing our bicycles

Cyclobility gives its customers the opportunity to find their ideal bike. You can either go to Kluisbergen, where the doors of our test centre are always open, or attend an event on your company's premises, which Cyclobility is happy to organise for you. You can test all bikes there. It's going to be difficult to make up your mind!

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The partners of Cyclobility

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‘Traffic jam fighters, unite!’ Cyclobility is the ideal partner for those who want a green commute by bike. It is a young, dynamic company with an excellent range of varied and high-quality bicycles that can be purchased or leased, so your staff can leave their car at home and pedal to work instead.

— Marino Moons, Fluvius mobility coordinator

‘North Sea Port has been keen to look after the health and comfort of its employees for many years. We therefore want to offer North Sea Port employees a sustainable alternative to traditional commuting and the use of a private car. In less than two years, more than half of the employees (85 in total) have chosen to use a bicycle as an alternative means of transport, accounting for an average of 10,000 cycled commuter kilometres a month.’

— Filip Remmerie, Facility Manager North Sea Port

‘Cyclobility is the ideal partner for our range of lease bicycles. A good choice of bicycles, information sessions, maintenance, repairs, administration, ... all perfectly arranged. Cyclobility is not just about business; its team truly has a passion for cycling. And we, as customer, can really feel this.’

— Patrick Knudde, Head Operations & Human Resources Isolava - Knauf

Bicycle leasing may initially seem pretty complicated, which is why Cyclobility is happy to pay your site a visit and explain everything.
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