An electric bike allows you to get around in complete comfort.

Looking for a reliable, high-quality (electric) bike?

As leasing partner and bicycle shop in one, Cyclobility offers bikes that are perfect for commuting or daily trips. Below you’ll find the different brands we offer. You can also book a test ride.

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Test first, then buy

We make thirty bikes from our range available for testing. At our test centre in Kluisbergen you will not only find a choice of very comfortable electric bikes, but also speed pedelecs and electric cargo bikes. Why not make an appointment and test our bikes in a unique location.

Enjoy a ride across the Old Kwaremont, Koppenberg, the towpath along the Scheldt or the old railway line. And besides this voyage of discovery through the Flemish Ardennes, you can also contact us for personalised advice. With Cyclobility, you can make the right choice(s) without a single worry.

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18 Supercharger plus New Charger Mixte 1 3

Demo models or used bikes

Browse our current range of demo models and used bikes. These bicycles are also available to test or view at our site.

Maintenance & repairs

For maintenance and repairs we work with BikeKing, a mobile repair service that comes to your home.

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Bicycle leasing may initially seem pretty complicated, which is why Cyclobility is happy to pay your site a visit and explain everything.
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